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Thread: Happy Birthday Erin K!!

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    Yay, it's your birthday! I hope you have an awsome day!

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    Hope that you have an AWESOME Birthday!


    You are special. Never stop believing that.

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    Thanks everyone. I had forgotten until I opened my Shack and email!

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    :balloons: happy birthday erin!!!

    ps i have something for you, it's just sitting on my desk! i'll get it in the mail today!

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    Happy Birthday Erin!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!

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    lisaguyon Guest View Member Photos
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. Eat some cake and ice cream for me please.


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    Have a very happy birthday Erin..Hope your day is filled with as much joy and laughter as you bring us on this board.
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    Ok go get your ear plugs...................are you ready?..... ARe you sure your ready?....I'm going to sing......ok i warned you, here it goes,

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Erin, happy birthday to you!

    Hope that wasn't to painful for you! I hope you have a wonderful brithday full of warmth and sunshine! Happy Birthday!

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