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Thread: Question about ribbon...

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    Question about ribbon...

    I forget this all the time...how many feet are in a yard? I was thinking that 3 feet were in 1 yard, so that 18 inches or 1.5 feet were in 1/2 yard. Can someone tell me if I am right or wrong? Thanks so much.


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    lbakerc42 Guest View Member Photos

    Your right

    3 feet in a yard.

  3. Yes! You are correct: 36 inches in a yard. 3 feet in a yard. 18 inches in a half yard. 12 inches in a foot.

    I like buying ribbon and fabric in Canada, though because it is sold by the metre (usually) which gives you a bit more.

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    You know, I forget this everytime I go to buy ribbon! Maybe I should write it somewhere....
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    benandnatesmom Guest View Member Photos
    I hate buying ribbon....that 3 feet doesnt last long!!

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    lost luggage Guest View Member Photos
    The strangest thing....

    I was shopping today and ran across tags and ribbon for sale at Old Navy. I couldn't believe my eyes....anyway they are selling pretty ribbon there for $2 and $3 for 3 yards.. it looked really nice. Their tags are $2...and undecorated, utilitarian...but that ribbon looked tempting.

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