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Thread: I found Rusty Pickle stamps today

  1. I found Rusty Pickle stamps today

    I have always loved Rusty Pickle paper but today I saw their stamp line and they are clear and go on acrylic blocks. I got the cutest "Girlfriend" set. I have been playing with them today and I can't wait to put my creations in the gallery when i get home from WI (I go home on Tues)

    Just wanted to share ...


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    Smile I too love

    rusty pickle things. I have never seen the stamps, though! You kucky girl!!

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    what is rusty pickle?? sounds icky!!

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    Wink Get Stampin Girlfriend!

    I Would love to see what you do with them. I love anything Girly!

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    Hurry-up and get here Tuesday!!

    I wanna see those stamps and your great cards!!

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    Rusty Pickle is a Utah based Company..... I love RP stuff! My LSS carries some stuff, but not Stamps! I will have to google them & check the stamps out! Do share Sherri!

    [COLOR="DarkOrchid"] What if the Hokey Pokey is what it's all about?[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] :twitcy:[/COLOR]

  7. Where did you find the stamps?

    At a LSS in Wisconsin, or at a "named" store? I love their PP and would love to see teheir stamp line.


  8. I just saw the RP stamps in The Rubber Stamper magazine. Never heard of them beforel Sherri's post, and now I see them. What a coincidence. They look fun, the Girlfriend stamps, anyway.


  9. Barb, I see the PP for Rusty pickle

    the girl power ones on page 98. Where did you find the stamps?



  10. Cheri, sorry, I thought the stamp sheet next to the paper were the stamps. Now that I have my glasses on, I see that belongs to #10, Go Clubbing". Really, I must wear my glasses more often, my apologies.
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