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Thread: Tears and more tears-teabear

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    Tears and more tears-teabear

    Your RAK moved me to tears .Your kindness was very touching. You are a special person to have thought of it .Thank you from the depth of my heart.Bless you Heather
    Tami and I met in the chat room the other day and we were talking and sharing . I explained to her how I have Parkinsons and that the tulip was the official flower for the Parkinsons society. I went on to tell her that I make quite a a few cards with tulips(other kinds as well). I give a lot of my cards to be sold as a fund raiser , with the money raised going to reseach. It is not a big contributation, but one that I can do. [B]Tami bought and sent tme some wonderful tulip stamps so i could use them in my card making. this is one of th enicest things anyone has ever done for me. What kindness she has shown.

  2. Tami is such a caring and thoughtful person!

    WOW! Tami's RAK to you brought me to tears just reading about it. What a beautiful story!

    What two beautiful ladies!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    good thing I have waterproof make up on

    your story has brought tears to my eyes too. Tami is super, that way! Way to care & share ladies!!

  4. Okay, so we've all got tears now. That is just too touching, Heather. Tami is a such and kind and thoughtful person and we love her to bits.

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    Now you are all making me teary

    Heather, I was so touched that day and truly feel I was meant to find those beautiful little stamps at the sale. I am glad I brought a little bit of joy to you. Thank you for touching my life with your story and your kindness.

    And to my other friends who posted, thank you for your kind words here. Hugs,
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