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Thread: Cataract Surgery...

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    Cataract Surgery...

    Wednesday, the 8th, is the day my mom will have cataract surgery on her left eye. We were at the hospital today where she got 2 pints of blood, because she is anemic.

    So please send your prayers our way on Wednesday. If things go alright she will have the right eye done 2 weeks from then. That is is the better eye.

    I will let you know how it goes. She is fine after the tranfusion today. Upset that she has to have these, 3rd one in 3 years, 2nd in 6 weeks.

    I want to get her back to her home town for the winter.... so getting the eyes done is a HUGE step to achieving that.

    Thank you for your support.


  2. Good luck to your mom...

    My Grandma and Grandpa both had cataract surgery. My Grandma was anemic too, she didn't have a transfusion and the surgery was fine.

    Both my grandparents said it was a piece of cake...although my Grandpa's whites of his eyes looked like he went through the ringer for about 2 weeks!

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    best of luck!!!

    I hope your mom has an easy surgery!
    My Aunt had hers done 2 years ago & says it was the best thing she's done.
    Hang in there shirley, you'll get your mom home!

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    Shirley, we'll keep you and your Mom in our prayers. I'm sure everything will go great!

    You can't change yesterday, but you can ruin today by worrying about tomorrow.

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    My Grandparents both had it and it went well. Very nerve racking for the family however. Felt like we waited forever each time. You will be in our prayers.


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    Oh, I hope it all goes smoothly. It seems like this is a pretty routine surgery lately.

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