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Thread: Finalized Shack Santa

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    I want one, too. I missed last year's. This guy is a beauty.

  2. Please put me down for one too!!

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    I want one also...can't wait.
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    oh boy!

    I can't wait to get him!!!!
    oh the ideas are already coming!
    keep us posted

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    Can't wait to add this one to my collection!

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  6. I must have him!!! He is adorable!!!
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    He is so darn cute! Love him!

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    I can hear him "ho ho ho-ing", and jingling his bells. I also see glitter in his future.

  10. Awesome santa. I've been on your site every day looking to see if he is available for purchase. I know you said you would tell us here, but I checked anyways.

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