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Thread: Shackapaloosa 2008!!!

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    Shackapaloosa 2008!!!

    Here is the skinny on this event!!
    The place we went and looked at today was awesome!!
    The dates they had opened and I hope this works for everyone are:
    May 2nd 3rd & 4th
    I said we would go ahead with that date.
    They have room blocks for us. There are 11 rooms with 2 double beds. There is 1 handicap room with 2 queen beds. There are 3 rooms with 2 queen beds. These are just the rooms she is saving right now. There can be more if we need them.

    We also have a conference room saved for us. The total cost for the conference room for the three days is $500. We will have that room these hours: Friday 3pm til midnight
    Saturday 8am til midnight
    Sunday 8am til 3pm
    I will pay the deposit on this room then we can split the cost between everyone that comes. The more shackies we have the cheaper it is!!

    This is the place:

    To get your reservations you can call them at 1-877-768-2928 or you can do them online. You only have to pay a deposit of $25 per room right now. Then pay the rest when we get there.

    The cost of the rooms is as follows:

    the rooms with 2 double beds is $79+tax per night
    the rooms with 2 queen beds is $103+tax per night
    the handicap room is also $103 per night (I think)

    They are holding these for 30 days from today! So if you are coming or think you might you need to make your res. soon.

    When you make your res. you need to use this code:

    Now one thing that is a down side, They don't allow outside food in the conference room BUT they do allow it in your personal room. They have a restaurant there and they have cattering at a per person cost we can look at later.

    They gave me a TON of info that later on I can scan and try to email to anyone interested. I can also just go back down and pick up any info to mail someone.

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    Darn it I can't go again my sisters wedding is the 3rd
    crap !
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    Oh ya I need to add that I need a room mate! Robin is not staying overnight so anyone who can put up with my snooring... I'm lookin for a roomie!

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    Sorry I can't come, we have a big trip coming up the middle of May going West. Darn Darn Darn= Nancy

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    I was just checking flights....from SLC to Fort Wayne is $600.00 RT, and then it says Angola is 40 miles due north of Ft. Wayne....maybe the rates will go down soon......
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    Oh Baby!... I'm in! I think this will be great...I already looked up the driving directions...it's 10 hours. Not bad!!! If they would like, Sherri, Debbie, Michelle and I can do a road trip. I think we could also pick up Mindy on the way!

  7. I did call them and ask if we could add extra nights onto this reservation and she said yes. I am thinking if we are driving 10 hours, we would almost have to come Thurs - Mon so we would have enough time during the weekend to stamp . Also, i tried to book it online but it would not take the code and she said give it till tomorrow and then try booking again. The code may not be entered just yet into their system.
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    Smile shackapaloosa

    This sounds like lots of fun! It's only about a 3 1/2 hour drive for me. I'll let you know - Thanks for making the arrangements!

    Ok all you Ohio ladies! Who's in? Sally

  9. Im almost certain Im in. Im still waiting to hear from my brother to see if he's ok with me coming when/after the baby is born.
    Anyone wanna room with me? Light snorer's ok
    Also, if anyone wants to check into flights from Chicago O'hare or Midway, I'd be willing to stop by there to pick you up and bring you back. Sometimes it's cheaper to go to those bigger airports. Ill be renting a car if I go, so it's no big deal!

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    Oh man, I'd love to do this! It looks like airfare from Seattle to O'Hare is about $350 right now. Swanie, I may be begging a ride soon! I'll keep you posted.

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