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Thread: I can't believe it!

  1. I can't believe it!

    The Stamp Shack is turning one year old next weekend? Wow. It seems like yesterday that Sherry popped this cute little place up. And hasn't she done a wonderful job with keeping it fresh and up to date?

    Thank you Sherry.
    Happy 1st Birthday to the Stamp Shack! :balloons:

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    Wow! I can't believe it has been such a wonderful year here at the Shack. Thanks Sherry for doing such a great job. Here's to another great year! Hugs, Heather
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  3. Happy Birthday, Sherry, and the Stamp Shack. It's amazing how close we have all become in just one year.

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    Would you believe me if I said the jail?

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    I am just so impressed of this site and the friends that we have made and all the fun too. Lots of creativity at the Shack. I love it, Thank you Sherry! Happy Birthday Shack!

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    Goooooo, Shack!!!

    This has been such a pleasant year for me here at THE SHACK!!! I've actually met many of you great ladies, and I have enjoyed every minute of "in person" and "on line" interactions with all of you.
    Here's to another great year....and many more beyond that!!!

  7. Happy 1st Birthday to the Shack!

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    l live in Canada eh
    This has been such a great place for me, the support l have had and its amazing how great all you gals are. The creativity l have seen has been wonderful, l have learned so very much from everyone. THANK YOU SHERRY for the great job and all the work it took to put this home together.
    l will never forget how much you all supported me in my time of need, l look forward to this new year with all of you and can't wait to see what new things l can learn and try and thanks to all my new friends for making me feel special.

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