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Thread: 10PM..The Bachelor...

  1. 10PM..The Bachelor...

    Chow for now. The Bachelor is on. I HAVE to watch it...anyone else??

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    yep Michelle I watched it last night too. I love DWTS so i was a couch potato from 8-11 after the kiddos went to bed at 8 and watched both shows.

    THe bachelor was good I can't believe that girl fell down the stairs and got a concusion from it. yikes tune in next week it should be good
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  3. My husband thought it was fake....like Bevin last season. But too, Michelle (who fell) wasn't anything wonderful.....glad she is gone!!!!
    We'll catch up next week on it!!

  4. I taped it and just watched this morning. What is up with Solisa? I think she is going to be the "wild" one! Does anyone have a favorite yet?
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