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Thread: OH Poll Good laughs at the Shack:biglaugh:

  1. OH Poll Good laughs at the Shack:biglaugh:

    What was a moment at the shack that tickled your funny bone?

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    Any one of Deborah's hysterical stories. She is such a terrific storyteller anyway -- and her stories are the best!

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    Deborah's stories ,especially the truck/moving story .Too funny.
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    One of many funny moments was one in the chat room. We were talking about underwear and bras. Nancy (directmailscrapper), was in on the chat. Later in the week, she had sent images of bras and outhouses to those involved in the chat! It was pretty funny to get the images.

  6. Oh goodness, there are just too many FUNNY posts! I always get a chuckle out of Erin and Sherri and all their daily happenings!
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    either a story from deborah or sherri's farm stories...

    or some good times in the chat room!!!

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    wow it's hard to pick just one!

    I really like Deborah's ac story!

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    Erin's baby stories...she always makes me laugh.
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  10. I would have to say that Deborah's stories are the most hilarious!!!
    The Shackretary

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