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Thread: Mix and mingle at the open house

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    Would you believe me if I said the jail?

    Mix and mingle at the open house

    A good party depends on the guests mixing and mingling so here's a thought!

    Take a minute and read the profile of someone you don't know that well and post their name here and what you learned about them!

  2. Well, Lauri, I picked you. I found out all of the usual stuff about your job, stamping info and such, but what I really wanted to know is.... Just HOW DOES the Wicked Witch of the West take a shower?

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    i picked andi, rrlscrapgal. she lives in oregon and is a ranch wife and a writer. loves to garden and take walks! and it seems her kids are pretty funny!!!

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  4. What a COOL idea!!! I did just that... went to the Member's List, selected "S" (for smile) and picked the member with the cutie pie baby photo for her avatar.... "SIMPLECRAFTER".

    I know she has a birthday coming up on October 21st and she's a stay at home mom and grandma in Boise, Idaho. I'm sorry to say that I couldn't find her name. SimpleCrafter found the Stamp Shack via a Google search and joined up in May. SimpleCrafter, are you out there today??? I want to tell you that I love the cards you've posted in the gallery and hope we see more from YOU!!! Smiles from Nebraska!
    Smiles, Pam

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  5. That's a great idea... I've learned so much from the profiles, but what about those that don't wish to share anything with us... some of the members here have been here for some time now and they don't even have addresses on their profiles. How do we send them bday cards??? I see that as a lack of trust, being that I feel very safe in this site, Sherry along with the other moderators have made it safe for all of us an still you have those that don't share their info... That really saddens me!!!
    Mary Jayne
    Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
    John Lennon

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    I just met Veronica! I've seen her post a few times, but wanted to get to know her better. She lives in Virginia beach but her heart belongs in Canada! She's a retail store manager and loves to stamp and scrapbook. Take a look at Veronica's signature.It's pretty cool.

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    I choose "Aunt Sooz" Susan Suiki...I know she live in WA with a Big DOg (Akita/Husky) named Kuma...she loves papercrafting and daubbles in quilting...and she must be a lurker cause she has 0 posts...COME OUT, COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE...
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    Well how fun, I found out that members Beans and Bitzybeka have the same birthday July 26. That bitzybeka is loobylou's cousin and she needs to put her name in her profile too! She has her address, but no name!
    Come and visit with us ladies!


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    I just checked Cindi's profile.
    I learned quite a bit in a very short while.
    She is a top poster with 6,232 posts.
    She was born the year I graduated from High School (that makes me OLD!)
    She loves to craft and she loves her kitties.
    She is a cosmetologist.
    She loves swimming and gardening in addition to paper crafts and prim crafts.
    She lives in Bangor, Maine...which isn't so far from me, as the crow flies~
    HUGS to Cindi!

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    i chose to learn about Michelle {3 Darlings } today and her siggy photo gives me goose bumps... ( i have a niece who could be her twin if she died her hair red haha) and so, i learned that she is my age, has three children and just became a grandma. woah.

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