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Thread: Reminder - Survivor Entries must be uploaded tonight!

  1. Reminder - Survivor Entries must be uploaded tonight!

    Just a reminder that if you are planning on playing this round of survivor you must have your entry posted in the gallery by 9pm EST. The gallery will be closed to new entries at exactly 9pm - no late submissions will be accepted.

    Game starts tomorrow morning!!

    Good luck, ladies

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    I'd better get busy!

  3. Oh no ... I gotta get mine done too.
    The Shackretary

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    Roger that!

    You are special. Never stop believing that.

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  5. Yay - I got my in this morning This is my first time playing and I am so excited ... so excited that I'll probably get knocked out on the first day!

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    I got knocked out first on my first try! OH, NO! How disappointing was that!!!
    Good Luck, EVERYONE!!!

  7. I just entered mine. I just know "I" will be the winner. HA HA
    The Shackretary

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    I took 5 minutes out of my cleaning and packing to do mine, I've been thinking about it all day though so it really only did take 5 minutes to do...

    Good Luck Ladies!!!

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    I was so worried about you guys that played last year but didn't submit a card yet. Good to see your cards in the Gallery!

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    I just uploaded one! This sounds like such fun!

    October 2009 Bingo numbers are 6, 12, 18, 24, 31, 39, 54, 70, 82, 97

    My winning Bingo numbers 3 6 12 30 50 61 65 80 93 98 - I want to keep them in the hall of fame!!

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