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Thread: I will never get to 10,000 posts -- I think my posts are messed up.

  1. I will never get to 10,000 posts -- I think my posts are messed up.

    I could've sworn I was over 9,000 and now I am lower than Erin. What's up?
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    same thing with me! I've lost about 700 on my posts

  3. I started a post about this last week. Yes yours has definitely gone down. Mine at one time was close to 2,000 but then it went down also. I think it changed about the same time that Sherry changed the forums page for us. Not sure though.

  4. I was above 3000 posts and dropped to under after Sherry did her updates last week (or the week before). I think some of our old posts must have been deleted?

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    I think mine are down too.
    hmm..maybe we are recycled!

  6. Maybe there server was backed up or something... and some of the older posts have been archived.... that is my guess!
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    Your not alone. I think mine have gone down too.

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    I don't know if mine have gone down at all??? When I looked into it last week I could see a difference between the number stated on " Posts" and then the number on "find all posts by this user" on my CP, but I am notsure why
    Hopefully Sherry will have some ideas

  9. Ah...I guess I'm not nutz! I only had like 300 & something but to be knocked down to the 70's-80's. Well...for petes sake it looks like I just started here. And the little color bars under my name when down too. :+(
    I guess cause all the posts fom MOA are gone...poof went my posts! :+)

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