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Thread: What's going under your tree?

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    What's going under your tree?

    I realize this isn't the spirit of the season, but thought I felt like feeling like a kidlet for a minute (DS keeps talking about his Dad's presents.....Daddy is getting more Star Wars legos which DS gets to play with after they're built if he's a good boy). If you celebrate Christmas (if you don't, then what's appropriate for a holiday you celebrate), what might be under your tree this year if you were a "good girl"??

    I have no idea myself. DH had talked about getting me a laptop, but we've been pricing them out the last few days and its just so much money, so I think he's heading to the craft stores instead. I've asked for alcohol inks again this year....those would be fun to play with.

    DS is getting his first bicycle, which DH has promised to take him out to ride. I got DD a little Disney princess keyboard since she loves music and is obsessed with Disney princesses right now.

    So, what's under or will be under your tree?

    :> Karen

  2. Well, my boys are 19, 18 & 12. Our t.v. in the living room is an old console, and we only get 3 channels (no satellite or cable); so we asked the boys about getting a big flat screen t.v. and satellite for the whole family -- would they mind not getting anything else and they said o.k. I'll still stuff a stocking for each of them though.

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    My DS is getting a Tonelab! It's something to make your guitar sound like other instruments (I think!) And if he's really good, a few pair of socks.

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    Nothing, we hardly ever buy christmas for each other. And since he lost his wallet on friday and the $600 of christmas money that was in it there won't be much under there this year.

  5. This is our Best Buy Christmas: I'm getting a new laptop (which I would have bought a month ago but dh made me wait ), ds's getting a Wii and dd's getting an iPod video. EXPENSIVE Christmas for us. Dh's bonus doesn't come until the 21st. Hope it's a good one. Oh, dh is getting a treadmill. Not a BB gift but still very pricey!!

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    I have picked up an Nintendo ds for our son and a couple of Pokémon games and the how to book for them... for DH we got him a motorized coin counter sorter thing, a clamp to a table lure (fixing making) thing? some hunting shirts ( with the padded shoulder) so far thats it. Oh i did order one old su stamp i had to have for my self and told him he could wrap it but so far he hasn't even taken it out of the package its still on the kitchen counter (not under the tree)
    I have not asked for anything actually.
    can't think of anything i really need or want. ( eh do i want to confess how spoiled i am? well, i guess you guys know this part already)

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    DD, who is 22, hasn't really asked for anything except a new jacket to wear when it rains, so I've got one ordered from LLBean, SIL wants a pair of Harley Davidson boots so I guess he'll get those as he is a pretty good guy most of the year. And always the eternal socks and underwear are under the tree! I told DD & SIL I wanted a black blazer or black jacket to wear, not to heavy, so maybe...

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