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Thread: featured theme artist is Sue/artyfarty!

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    Would you believe me if I said the jail?

    featured theme artist is Sue/artyfarty!

    Please take a peek at her fun story on the creative corner and help me congratulate her on being featured as our theme artist!


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    congrats Sue!!

    way to go!!

  3. Congratulations Sue/artyfarty! So glad you played the challenges!

    PS....Will we see Stu on any of your cards in the next month?

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    Congratulations! I'm glad we get to know you a bit better and I love your card! Nancy

  5. I have already said congratulations to Sue in a PM, but I am more than happy to say Congrats again.........you go girl

  6. Aww Thanks e1...and nope if Stu carries on biting he will end up in the pot never mind the cards lol.... no joking I wouldnt dare he lovely. He did bite me though due to hubby buying him a new toy and thought he I was playing with him when I gave him his toy lol
    I urge e1 To have a go at the challenges..they such fun and much better than watching football !!
    Hugs e1 and thanks again xxxxx

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    Down Under, Western Australia
    Congratulations Sue. Love your work!

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    l live in Canada eh
    Congratulations Sue, Your card is GORGEOUS!!!
    Please Bear.. with me while l grow.

  9. Congratulations!!!

  10. Congratulations to you

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