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Thread: Congratulations Heather

  1. Congratulations Heather

    Congratulations to Heather (aka Keltie) who I see is the challenge artist of the month
    I often find myself viewing and commenting on, Heathers distinctive designs, you see she always displays two of them! Now I know why. One card she saves for herself and the other one goes to charity to be sold in aid of funds.
    A lovely gesture from a lovely lady.
    Why not go and read all about it in the biography words she has written.
    The challenge by Far North of our Stamp Shack creative team was another winner............fairytales.
    So not only congratulations to Keltie,but a big thank you to Far North for making us more aware of searching for our own artistic abilities.

  2. Congrats to Heather. You do awesome work!!!
    The Shackretary

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    Congrats Heather!! You always do fab work and it's a well deserved award!

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    Congrats, Heather. Keep posting. I love your creative cards.

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    l live in Canada eh
    Congratulations!!!. Heather, l love your cards and its nice to know why you often make more then one..great idea for helping those in need.
    Please Bear.. with me while l grow.

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    Heather-Congrats!! You always inspire me with your creativity-
    I had the pleasure of meeting Heather last Aug for ShackFest- It was so much fun-She is very nice and creative- I can't think of anyone more deserving!!

    We need another ShackFest!

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    Congratulations Heather. You are such a creative and original thinker. I always enjoy the humour of your cards.

  8. Congratulations Heather

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    I really enjoyed reading your story Heather. You have such a beautiful way of sharing your work.

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    Congratulations Heather!
    I always look forward to seeing your posts.

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