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Thread: Sherri's 6 point chicken fahitas

  1. Sherri's 6 point chicken fahitas

    I made these tonite and they were very good. I marinated chicken pieces in an equal amount of lite soy sauce, worchershire sauce and a squeeze of a lime (I had lime but you can also use lemon). I marinated this for a few hours. Then I cut up some onions and sauted those in olive oil spray. Saute chicken pieces till browned. I added lowfat cheese, light sour cream and cut up tomatoes and with the tortilla shell, they came out to 6 points each. They were the big fahita shells so I had 1 but DH had 2 stuffed to the rim .

    Very easy and oh so good!!
    The Shackretary

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    Thank you!!

    you are the woman
    I'm soo going to try these real soon!!
    Sounds yummy!

  3. Diet trick

    Also weigh yourself in the morning after taking a potty break....and if you go to WW to weigh in...use the potty before weighing. A pound or two lighter every time (and we all know that most of us ladies retain water weight by the end of the day...not a good time to weigh in.) My 3rd New Year's Resolution: for every hour I sit and stamp, I must take a 15 minute walking break.....my workshop is in my basement so I can walk up and down the stairs or if you have a treadmill (which I don't have I'm sorry to say), then by all means keep it near the stamping station!


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    dizziebee Guest View Member Photos
    My mouth is watering, I think we'll try them too

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