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Thread: Shackapolooza 2008 is here!

  1. Ok, I was jealous before ....

    The Shackretary

  2. Oh and I wanna know what's for dinner tonight? Meatball subs for anyone????? Has anyone went hiking yet? Is Kathy and Amy there yet?????

    What's everyone working on?!?! DETAILS WOULD BE NICE SINCE I CAN"T BE THERE. LOL
    The Shackretary

  3. Kathy and Amy are here. I am mounting stamp sets.....Kim is working on scrapbooking....Becky is working on the one sheet pocketbook.....Amy is still in shock........Kathy is working on bookmarks.....Robin is working on googlie eyed swaps......Patty and Ellie are working on something for our table.......Chris is making a Christmas card, and Chelsea is helping Ellie with her computer! We are all having fun!!!


  4. Here is a funny story for you...........

    Amy (scraphappy908) was in the lounge area talking to her husband on the phone, and after she hung up, one of the hotel employees came over to her and said "Hi...how about if I give you a tour and show you around?" and Amy thought "Wow! They sure are friendly here...." So then they were talking and the lady said "So do you think you'll like working here?" and Amy was like "Ummm......I'm only here for the weekend! I'm just visiting!"... and the lady said "Oh, so you're not our new employee??" and she said NO and then she came back and told us. We had wondered where she went because she was gone a long time!

    Isn't that hilarious?????????


  5. That is funny!!! Sounds like everyone is having a blast already!!! I bet Chelsea will get Ellie's computer up and running in no time
    The Shackretary

  6. Do you want to know what i am doing? I am doing NOTHING .... Nicholas is at soccer practice. I am getting ready to take Emily and 2 friends to Steak & Shake and then to a varsity baseball game. While they are at S&S I am going to Kohls to return some underwear and then to HL if I have time. Doesn't that sound like fun?

    I really really really want to be stamping though. lol
    The Shackretary

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