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Thread: Shackapolooza 2008 is here!

  1. Shackapolooza 2008 is here!

    Wishing everyone Happy & Safe travels to Indiana. See you all tomorrow!

    Can't wait to meet you all!
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    Have a great trip. Hugs, Heather
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    I can't wait to meet everyone either. Safe trips everyone.

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    Girls, have a safe trip and have a super fantastic wonderful time. You must post lots of pictures to make all of the rest of us feel like we are right there with you. I know you will all have a blast.

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  5. I am just so jealous.
    I went to a Brit stamp camp in 2001, and had a brilliant time. I sincerely hope you girls do too.
    Dont forget we shall want to know EVERYTHING about it AND expect to see photographs so that we can put names to faces.
    Enjoy yourselves BIG TIME!!!

  6. Someone had better be posting some photos so we can see what fun we missed. Remember I am not there so someone has to laugh like me. At MOA, Cindy H laughed EXACTLY like me so no one knew who was laughing ... me or her. So someone has to do all the laughing for me . HAVE FUN!!!
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    Well I am jealous but happy that you all are getting together. I hope you all have a wonderful time and safe journey's. Be sure to take pics to share with us!

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    My car is ALL packed!! I can't wait!! I will be there at about 7:30 tonight!

  9. I am so excited! Kim-Spartymom I have your stickles!
    Happy Crafting!

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    have a fantastic time everyone........... and yes we'd love to see piccies

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