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Thread: Directmailscrapper has landed!

  1. I am glad you got home safe..lets see some pics!!!

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    l live in Canada eh
    Welcome back home Nancy, l'm so glad you made it home safe and had a great weekend..l can't wait to see all the great things you all made and hear all the great storys about everything.
    Please Bear.. with me while l grow.

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    Nancy, glad to hear you made it home. It was fun hanging out with you.

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    I'm so glad you made it home safe and sound! It was so great to meet you!!

  5. WHEW! Glad you got home safe and sound! I took a picture of the "tire" we were talking about to send you. I haven't gotten around to downloading my pics yet. I have to ask everyone to send me copies of thier pics. We had so much fun!!!!
    Happy Crafting!

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  6. Welcome back Nancie, sounds like you had a fun trip. Everyone else seems to have mentioned driving there, but you said "your plane landed........."
    Were you the only one to fly in, and how many miles was it from your home?
    Dont forget we want to see what you made this weekend.

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