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Thread: My famous hot cocoa mix .... (recipe below)

  1. My famous hot cocoa mix .... here is the recipe

    Hot Cocoa mix

    16 oz Nestle Instant Chocolate Mix
    16 oz Cremora (as in the powdered creamer you add to coffee)
    16 oz confectioners sugar (I prefer 10x but you can use regular)
    25.6 box powdered milk (Carnation)

    Mix altogether in large bowl. Separate into 9 pint jars. Hand these out at the holidays with a note that says "Add 3-4 tablespoons hot cocoa mix to 8 oz boiling water. Enjoy!"

    It really is the BEST hot cocoa you will ever drink!! (I should sell the recipe to Starbucks. I absolutely HATE their hot chocolate! ha ha)
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    Thanks! I'll have to try this.

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    I've been hearing

    about your famous hot chocolateTFS Heather

  4. Once you taste it, you will NEVER buy the little pre-made envelopes again. At least I don't.
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  5. Thank you Sherri for sharing this with us! It sounds so yummy and will make a perfect gift too.
    Smiles, Pam

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    Thank You for sharing this with us again! I had it copied somewhere, but I can't find it!

    I always add milk instead of water to my Hot Cocoa. Do you think that it would taste OK with this recipe too?
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    need to see if this one compares to the one I pick up.

  8. It truly is the best hot chocolate you'll ever make. The recipe Sherri shares is the exact same recipe my sons brought home from Montessori school when they were little - some 25 years ago! The recipe has been around for years but it is no-fail and is the best!

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    you mean you are not gonna send me some of the mix?? I have to make it myself??

    do they sell all this stuff at Costco?

  10. Drew and Katie had to run some errands and are picking up Chinese for dinner. I asked them to pick up all of the hot chocolate ingredients ... with strict instructions not to substitute any brands for what was written down. They've already called twice from the Creamora aisle and the powdered milk aisle! I hope they get it right - I want to make this tonight! (Of course I will wait until later to test it - I don't think it will go well with General Tso's Chicken) !!!

    Thanks again Sherri for sharing this recipe.

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