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Thread: Faux Tile Challenge

  1. Faux Tile Challenge

    Other technique ideas for making cards to remind you of ceramic tiles could use repeated images, scoring, glitter techniques, micro beads...or anything else you can dream up. Happy stamping!...Jan
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    I just read your challenge, Jan. It sounds magical the way the ink goes where it's supposed to. I'll be giving it a go.

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    I am going to try this too! It does sound magical!

    You are special. Never stop believing that.

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  4. Believe me it is magical! It is far more the ink blender than this stamper! I was just stunned at how easy and quickly it looked like real tiles! Of course this stuff is always hard to catch in a photo. I left a few imperfections in the embossed enamel and it helps to catch the light.
    I can wait to see your results!!

  5. I have that tool and never used it! I hope I will have the time to try this!

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    It worked! It was a magical technique. I had a hard time stopping with adding depth on this. I loved the addition of the white pencil on the grout. Thanks for a great challenge Jan.

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