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Thread: Snowman Samples!!

  1. Thumbs up Snowman Samples!!

    Since you all voted to have a snowman rubber stamp this year, Paul has up and drawn us some preliminary sketches.

    What are your thoughts? I dunno about you guys but I LOVE THEM ALL!!!
    And look, Pauls daughter, Lana, also drew some snowmen for us. Aren't they the sweetest thing? Looks as though artistic talent runs in the family! I love how she wrote 'Snow Mans'.

    Anyhoo, I'll relay your thoughts and opinions to Paul (but I'm absolutely certain he lurks and can read them here.)


    Pauls' comments after reading your responses:

    I'll bear in mind some of the comments, about the stick arms, complicated
    mouths, etc. All your shack friends should feel free to come up with
    suggestions, after all they are the stampers, not me! I do have a fairly wide
    selection of stamps I'm going to use for texture and shading reference this
    year, so hopefully the impression you'll get with your final stamp will be very

    I'm happy to do another sketch of two snowmen holding hands, if that would
    go down well too. The reason I didn't do the snowman facing front [in the moonlight image]
    is that it's nice to have a sideways silhouette if you've got a bit light-source behind. I'll
    be tinkering with whatever is chosen to really get it right, pose wise!

    FYI (and if it goes further it will be clearer) it's a little girl holding the
    snowcone (I know you can't really tell with the hat and all!)

    Best wishes

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    I want them all, but the kid with the ice cream cone draws me. Lana's snowmen are cute, would like hers too.

    After looking one more time, I kind of like the guy with the snowflake at the end of his finger, and the guy skiing.
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    Oh my goodness... how can we choose...they are all great.
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  4. I have to admit that I've got a favorit... The snowman in front of the moon... I don't know if it will be easy to use but I find it wonderful!

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    These are all lovely. I am particularly drawn to the one in the moonlight.

  6. Love the 'all'. I like the 'snow cone' and the snowman with the snowflake on his 'fingertip'.

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    OMG this are all awesome! Can we get a whole sheet with all of them????

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    WOW! They are all great, but I think my favourite has to be the snowman with the snowflake on his finger, he's just fab. I think the laughing mouth looks better without the stones. After another look I love the snowman ski-ing too :-)

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    i love the snowman in front of the moon and the two dancing snowpeople!

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  10. LOL...you guys are all over the place. You're going to make this one difficult, aren't ya? Of course, if I had it my way, I'd have them all!

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