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Thread: Survivor - Elimination Statement #12

  1. Survivor - Elimination Statement #12

    If your card's theme revolves around a day or event that can be marked on a calendar, you are eliminated.

  2. Uh oh!! We have three cards currently in play and two players are leaving the island. That means we have ourselves a Shack Survivor!!!

    First of all, the cast-offs. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to the following ladies:

    1of2shoes (Halloween Theme)
    Patcreates (Birthday Theme)

    Thank you so very much for playing, ladies!

    That means that SUZANNE is our lone Shack Survivor!! She out-stamped, out-witted, and out-lasted her opponents to take home the $25 Gift Certificate from My Favortite Things! Congratulations, Suzanne! I'll get your certificate emailed out to you ASAP.

    I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated in this round of Survivor! You all are getting very good at this game! I'm going to have to come up with some really interesting elimination statements for the next round. Ya'll are keeping me on my toes.

  3. Does that mean we have a winner?
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    Congatulations Suzanne!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks Everyone! I never win anything so this is very cool. Perfect timing since tomorrow is my birthday too.
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    Congratulations Suzanne. You will have lots of fun spending your prize- only trouble is MFT have too many delightful things to choose from- what a dilemma!

  7. Congratulations Suzanne!!

    It was fun to make it as far as I did!

  8. Congrats Suzanne!! This was fun! When do we do it again???

  9. Congratulations Suzanne!! Have fun shopping.

  10. Congratulations! That was fun!

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