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Thread: All the best tomorrow, Sherri at your CT scan

  1. All the best tomorrow, Sherri at your CT scan

    Sending you many many hugs and warm thoughts that it goes well.

    Hey, atleast it's only 5 min away now right?
    <3 Thanh --> "tan"

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    Sherri we all will be thinking of you tomorrow. Let us know how it turns out.

  3. Thanks girls. Yes its only 5 minutes away. Its at 2:15, we have to be there at 2:00. Em and I are going school supply shopping in the morning so if I'm not around in the am that's where I am. I may as well keep busy, right. I have one scan at 2:15 and another test at 3 so I may not be home till after 4. Then i may need a nap. LOL
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    Yes, good luck Sherri! Good thing you and Em are going shopping in the am it will help you keep your mind off it! Saying a prayer for you!

    You are special. Never stop believing that.

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    Tell Em to be kind of low-key on the school supply shopping so you don't get all stressed for your CT scan. GOod luck tomorrow.

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    sending good vibes your way...

    you'll need them for the school shopping! lol lol
    oh man, I crack me up!
    seriously good luck tomorrow, and be sure to check in after your nap

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    good luck and don't be scared. it's easy peasy.

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    Good luck, and hope it's nothing but migraines.....

  9. Good luck, Sherri. Hope all goes well for you!

  10. You're in my prayers sis.

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