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Thread: Creative Team Thank You!

  1. Creative Team Thank You!

    Jan & Stacy,

    I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for the countless hours of hard work and dedication that you have put into the Creative Team over the past year. Wow, what an amazing journey! What an amazing accomplishment!

    From day one, you grabbed the reins with both hands and hunkered down for the long haul ahead. You took my small vision and turned it into something truly wondrous and inspiring. I spent some time yesterday looking through the challenge archives and I am just in awe at the level of your creativity and talents. I never imagined that one could do so many things with a rubber stamp!

    I think most Shackies would be surprised to learn just how much time and commitment is required of a Creative Team member. There were countless hours spent scouring the gallery looking for recipients of our ‘I Spy’, ‘Double Take’ and Featured Artist awards and countless hours spent planning and executing the challenges. The team had a few bumps in the road along the way too, especially with the loss of two of our four members, but you both held steadfast and got things done no matter what obstacle was thrown in your way. I thank you so much for honoring your commitment. It is a very admirable trait to possess.

    Thanks to the Creative Team, we now have a wonderful resource that I’m sure will be referenced for many years to come. You have left us with an extraordinary legacy; one full of creativity and inspiration.

    Thank you so very much!

  2. Way to go CT, Congrats on a job well done! Thanks for all your hard work. I had fun participating when I could & enjoyed seeing your work as well as all the inspiration from all the other Shackies.
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    Many thanks from me to to the Creative Team. I didn't play nearly as much as I could have but I love looking at all the creations. These girls had quite a job and rose to the occasion. Thank you from Michelle.

  4. yes, thanks SO much!!! you guys have done a great job! I haven't really participated in the challenges myself---only because of lack of time,etc.... but it is always fun to see the challenges and the winners. You guys have done a spectacular job!!! Thank you for giving so much of your time to us!!

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    Yes, indeed, you gals have worked so hard to make the Shack a cut above the rest! Thank you!

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    thank you ladies

    for all your work and efforts!!
    you did a wonderful job of it!

  7. A huge and gratefull thanks from me too. Wonderful work xxxxxxxxx

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    We love ya!
    Now that you have more free time (ha ha) we hope to see MORE of your creations in the gallery!

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    I've enjoyed learning from you and taking on the challenges you set for us.
    Thanks for your passion and commitment, It really shows.
    Thanks for helping me to grow

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    Thank you so much creative team for all of your inspiration and hard work!!! You gals rock!

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