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Thread: New Creative Team?

  1. New Creative Team?

    Hi ladies,

    I've been so busy (and feeling rather ill) lately and have put off starting up a new Creative Team until now.

    I was just wondering is there enough interest to get this going again? We will need four team members who can commit to six months (one challenge per month for each individual). The position will run from November 1st to April 1st.

    Please let me know your thoughts. If there is enough interest, I will get the application process started ASAP.


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    Re: New Creative Team?

    What a great announcement Sherry. I know we have so many creative members here - and just the thing to get us thinking on World Cardmaking day. Maybe we could ask members for ideas about what they would like the Creative team to do?

    Get well soon Sherry
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    Re: New Creative Team?

    I might not always do the challenges, but I must admit that they do get me thinking outside the box very often.
    If you can find the people to do it, then I say, GO FOR IT!!!
    Sorry you aren't feeling up to snuff, Sherry. Wish there was something we could do to help you!

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    Re: New Creative Team?

    I agree with Joanie. I've really only participated in the color challenges but I do look at the more involved ones. We have a lot of creative gals here and if they are willing to take this on, I would love to see this continue.

    Sherry, please get well soon. I am so sorry you have to feel this way.

    There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.~ Pablo Picasso

  5. Re: New Creative Team?

    I agree with the others. If I didn't have so much on my plate right now I would consider applying....hopefully 4 others with more time than I have will volunteer. I love the challenges and I love seeing all the great cards made by everyone. I love seeing those ribbons too.

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    Re: New Creative Team?

    I love the challenges. I didn't participate in all of the, but they definitely get the creative juices flowing. It's great to see other people's take on a technique or style that I just wouldn't have thought of.

    Hope you're feeling better Sherry.
    Lisa Sparkle

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    Re: New Creative Team?

    I don't know much about how it works- but if it is that a few people make up challenges for us...then a suggestion would be for one of them to be for newbies who have been stamping less than a year or so...so that we could push our boundaries as well.
    I LOVE seeing what the more experienced ladies make, but sometimes I am blown away by their skill and talent and eye for it all.

    Just a suggestion.
    Sherry, don't do too much....you offer so much already. If you're too tired, then don't do it and people can post their own challenges.

  8. Re: New Creative Team?

    I admit I do love the challenges and although cannot always guarantee to do all of them im browsing the forum and gallery. I truly Appreciate also that this time of year can be pretty hectic so if it is not possible then I understand as with so many shackies.
    sue x

  9. Re: New Creative Team?

    Firstly Sherry we need for you to be well. Without you the Stamp Shack does not survive, and we are all very grateful for what you do to keep us up and running.

    However if you feel up to organising a new creative team in the future, that would be wonderful.
    Like most other members I dont participate in all the challenges but that part of the Shack certainly helps the creative juices flow.
    The blue ribbon idea too is a real incentive and gives us a buzz when awarded to different individuals.

    Get well soon Sherry and we will wait for you with baited breath

  10. Re: New Creative Team?

    Hi ladies,

    Thanks so much for your responses

    Based on the fact that we only got eight responses to this thread and the fact that not one person expressed any interest in being part of the Creative Team, I think it is safe to say that there is just not enough interest to restart the CT at this time. We'll put this matter on the back burner for awhile and will, perhaps, revisit the subject sometime in the new year.

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