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Thread: Omg!!! Thank you everyone!!!

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    Re: Omg!!! Thank you everyone!!!

    Yay! You received it! I'm so glad you liked it, Sherry! WE WUV YOU!

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    Re: Omg!!! Thank you everyone!!!

    That took a while to arrive! But I'm so happy you got it and are enjoying it!
    Happy Birthday Stamp Shack!!!
    It's been a great 2 years!
    Thanks, Sherry.

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    Re: Omg!!! Thank you everyone!!!

    Thanks so much for everything you do for us Sherry. It looks like the gift came exactly when you needed it- I'm happy I could help in a small way to celebrate how wonderful the Stamp-Shack- and you are!!

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    Re: Omg!!! Thank you everyone!!!

    Thanks so much, Sherry. You deserve a special thank you for all the special things you do for all of us. Happy Birthday Stamp Shack!

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  5. Re: Omg!!! Thank you everyone!!!

    Thanks Sherry for everything that you do! Happy Birthday to the Stamp Shack!! Oh yes, please post it so we can see what it looks like all finished.

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    Re: Omg!!! Thank you everyone!!!

    We love you Sherry! And appreciate every second you spend keeping us at the Shack. You have enriched so many lives. Happy Birthday!

    You can't change yesterday, but you can ruin today by worrying about tomorrow.

  7. Re: Omg!!! Thank you everyone!!!

    Many thanks to you, Sherry, and Happy Birthday to the Shack (and many more to come!) I love this place and so glad you created it!
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    Re: Omg!!! Thank you everyone!!!

    Thank you Sherry. Happy Birthday to the Shack. This is the greatest place to hang out with friends.

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    Re: Omg!!! Thank you everyone!!!

    So glad you liked the ATC album and thank you so much Sherry for all you've done over the last two years to make this the greatest site to hang out with the most amazing,awesome, fun, creative and caring people. YOU ROCK!!

  10. Re: Omg!!! Thank you everyone!!!

    Sherry the pleasure was all ours. So very glad you love the surprise. May all you do for us shackies and the success of the Shack continue to grow... congrats on a fabulous achievment!!

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