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Thread: Roasted pumpkin seeds question

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    Roasted pumpkin seeds question

    We carved our pumpkins this weekend, and I would like to roast the seeds. I have done this before , in fact last year, but Troy couldn't eat the shells and they were very hard to peel. I was wondering if anyone has a way to roast them and makes the easy to peel?
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    Re: Roasted pumpkin seeds question

    I soak mine in salt water for a few hours before I roast them. It does help to make them a little softer after they are roasted.

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    I've never peeled mine. I just eat the whole thing! .... have I been doing something wrong? LOL

    I can't wait to cut into my pumpkin. We'll probably wait until next week. I don't want my pumpkin to rot on my porch. I have memories of our rotten pumpkin growing up, but that was in Florida, so I'm sure that made a huge difference.

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