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Thread: Bandwidth Consumption **UPDATED**

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    Re: Bandwidth Consumption **UPDATED**


    I think it is a good idea to have guests register to look at the site. There are many other boards that have the same requirements, so I suppose this is also the reason why.

    I think implementing that would certainly cut the loss of the bandwidth by quite a bit.

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    Re: Bandwidth Consumption **UPDATED**

    Thanks for the update Sherry. I think your ideas sound good. I don't like the idea of spiders crawling all over us.

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  3. Re: Bandwidth Consumption **UPDATED**

    Yeah Sherry - I don't like any kind of spiders. LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by iloveflipflops View Post
    Yeah Sherry - I don't like any kind of spiders. LOL
    yucky spiders...

    Thanks Sherry
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    stupid robots...icky spiders....and I absolutely hate crawlers of any kind...lol

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    Re: Bandwidth Consumption **UPDATED**

    thanks Sherri for looking out for us ... we will support anything that you need to keep us up and running.

    Thanks again for all that you do.
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    you could store the picks on photobucket that way no bw from here

  8. Re: Bandwidth Consumption **UPDATED**

    Wow.. the changes you've implemented are all good, hopefully everything will be back to normal soon!

  9. Re: Bandwidth Consumption **UPDATED**

    I had to shut down my Stamp Art Forum as we were being spammed mercilessly. Now on my VLVS! Forum, I get about 400 attempts a day but the confirmation email bounces... still a nuisance as I get the bounces... I show about 60,000 member of my forum which is absurd as there are really only a few active members for the swaps and games. I wish I knew how to counteract them. I get about one or two spammers a day and as soon as I see the posts, I delete them and report them to the AntiSpam thingie but doubt they really do anything about it.

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