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Thread: Help me with this card, please

  1. Help me with this card, please

    I just don't know what to do with this image. I've colored it, but it just doesn't look right on the cardstock. What does it need?

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    lost luggage Guest View Member Photos
    It needs your specialty....a little dash of PP. If not that, then a smidgen of ribbon or something...just a touch.

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    maybe changing the blue back ground to a lighter colour as the bird is a dark blue same as the background, then you could maybe add some ribbon or brads that might really nice.

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    I really don't see anything wrong the way it is.

    Maybe add some glitter to the flowers, but I think it is lovely just the way it is now. Great job.

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    Jellybean298 Guest View Member Photos
    It's Lovely. Maybe a little Dazzling Dimonds on the flowers. Or just a Simple Bow.

  6. Oh I love this house mouse stamp! So tweet!

    I agree that the background cs is too dark. I think it is taking away from this adorable image. And it wouldn't be Debbie without just a hint of bling...perhaps the barest touch of stickles in the center of the flowers...just a light sparkle?

    Your colouring, as always, is to perfection!
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    Take your black

    and trim it to go around the blue and then put it on white cardstock for the card and it will bounce out. It is to dark to me this way. No other embellishments would be necessary. - Nancy A

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    The image is beautiful. It still amazes me how you color so beautifully. As others have said the dark CS doesn't seem to fit, but I think it would be okay if you used a lighter color mat. The image is very "spring-y" so having both in dark colors don't seem right. Other than that, maybe a little bit of that sparkly stuff you love so much. You aren't out of glitter, rhinestones and stickles are you?

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    Maybe randomly stamp the blue background with versamark and a small floral vine. It will separate the background color from the bird.

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