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Thread: ** Ink-a-palooza Central Thanks and Winners Board **

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    Re: ** Central Challenge Board ** Ink-a-palooza

    What a WONDERFUL challenge week this has been...THANKS Jan, for pulling all this together for us, and thanks loads to the challenge hosts! The gallery's been ROCKIN'! I've saved so MANY cardsfor inspiration!

    I think I managed to do fourteen challenges, so please enter me...AND I have a "Post-Palooza" challenge to post..wtih prizes!!
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    Re: ** Central Challenge Board **Ends Sunday nite

    Thanks Jan. It looks like PST is 19 hours behind Sydney, which means 17 hours behind me.

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    Re: ** Central Challenge Board **Ends Sunday nite

    I don't know if I signed in right here or not.
    I entered every challenge, so I'd like to be eligible for the door prize drawing.

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    Re: ** Central Challenge Board **Ends Sunday nite

    This has definitely been a fun week. thanks for all the hard work Jan. Hugs, Heather
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  5. Re: ** Central Challenge Board **Ends Sunday nite

    Thanks Heather... it has been tons of fun all week, thanks to all the hosts and challenge players!

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    Re: ** Central Challenge Board **Ends Sunday nite

    Well I am not a night owl, so I will draw for my prizes first thing in the morning.
    This has been lots of fun. It really turned out to be quite an event.
    Thank you to Jan for organizing everything.
    Thanks to all the other hostesses who posted their challenges and provided prizes.
    And thank you to everyone who entered my challenge.
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    Re: ** Central Challenge Board **Ends Sunday nite

    Well, with the time difference, that midnight deadline is 4 am for me, so I will draw in the morning as well. If I am running late for work, you may not see the winner until I get home, sorry! Monday is my duty day and I can't be late!!!

    Thanks, everyone!! This was so much fun!

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    Re: ** Central Challenge Board **Ends Sunday nite

    Thank you again, Jan, for putting this all together! I only managed to get to two of the challenges (well, get them completed and posted), but I have partial cards waiting in the wings from other challenges and look forward to working on them some more this week. I really enjoyed seeing where these challenges took everybody. And hats off to you ladies that completed All of them!! Yay You! :>

    :> Karen
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    This was a fantastic week. Thank you for putting it together Jan. I finally was able to play over the weekend and kept wanting more time to do more challenges. Even if I didn't do a challenge, it was really fun to see what everyone else did. I'm still working my way through the gallery looking at everyone's cards! That'll take a week!! lol
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    Re: ** Ink-a-palooza Central Thanks and Winners Board **

    Thank you again ladies who hosted and supplied prizes for this FUN week, and THANK YOU again Jan for your superior organizing skills.

    Hey everybody, don't forget to play the post-Palooza Blues!

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