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Thread: IAP6 - Tag, You're it! WINNER drawn!

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    IAP6 - Tag, You're it! WINNER drawn!

    Tag, You’re It!! Challenge IAP6

    We are not all work; there is time for play! Actually, this Ink-a-poolza challenge is not about running around tagging your friends, however, it is to create a tag. Where you take the challenge after that is up to you! I never seem to have enough Christmas gift tags so that is my goal, but you may need some baby shower tags or birthday gift tags in the near future. Or make your tag into a special bookmark. You can also incorporate a tag into an ATC or a card. So I challenge you to play a game of tag with me!

    Please post your card in the gallery beginning the title with IAP6. Then come back here and post a link on this thread so you will be included in my random prize drawing. Now its your turn to make some tags, ‘cause “Tag, You’re it!”


    Here are some tags I made this week, and a picture of the little prizes that I will draw for at the end of Ink-a-palooza.
    Attached Images

    October 2009 Bingo numbers are 6, 12, 18, 24, 31, 39, 54, 70, 82, 97

    My winning Bingo numbers 3 6 12 30 50 61 65 80 93 98 - I want to keep them in the hall of fame!!

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    Re: IAP6 - Tag, You're it!

    Oh, I love that you are starting on holiday tags already. What a fun challenge.

  3. Re: IAP6 - Tag, You're it!

    Fun challenge!...tags are always useful!

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    Terrific idea for a challenge! count me in!
    Smiles, Pam

    My blog: Stamping with {Serendipity!}

    "Stamping makes an ordinary day more colorful!"

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    I decided I would make a tag card but it doesn't rule out me making other types of tags if time allows.
    here is the link to my first submission

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    Re: IAP6 - Tag, You're it!


    You are special. Never stop believing that.

    My Blog

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    Re: IAP6 - Tag, You're it!

    I added my tag to the Gallery for this challenge.
    Fun and quick!

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    here are my three tags for this challenge...decided to do non cute using vintage stamps .

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    Re: IAP6 - Tag, You're it!

    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Picture is a painting of my dog and I walking on a local beach.

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    Re: IAP6 - Tag, You're it!

    Okay, I'm not sure if I like this one and I'll probably do more if I have time.
    Here's the link: http://stamp-shack.com/photopost/sho...2&limit=recent

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