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Thread: Some observations I made at Shackapaloosa

  1. Some observations I made at Shackapaloosa

    First, let me say how much fun we all had!! Its like we had known each other for YEARS!!!

    A big shout out to Chris, Robin and Chelsea. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for everything you did in the planning and the organization of Paloosa. I know ALOT went into it and we thank you tremendously!!!!

    Angie - was a beaming bride!! She was truly surprised with the bridal shower. She worked on ATC swaps for hours on end and I think she finished 8 or 9 ATC swaps ... I lost count!! She sat beside me.

    Mary - She got just a "little" emotional when Jan and Cheryl started singing the wedding song - ok, we all did!!!

    Jan & Cheryl - was awesome singing the wedding song. I knew I would "lose" it once they started but I managed to hold it together. Just beautiful!!

    Chris - She was nice enough to sleep on the cot in the closet in our room so Chelsea and I could sleep in nice comfy beds. I told you Chris I would've taken the cot!! I hope she got some sleep!!

    Robin - She sure has alot of nestabilities and alot of embossing folders that she brought for us all to share.

    Chelsea - she almost ran into a tree branch while coming back from laughing at the cow limo. I was laughing so hard when she almost choked herself then realized she could've been really hurt!! (shame on me)

    Nancy - Nancy had all these plans to get a bunch of things done and I'm not sure she did. She sure loves to talk (I think we all do) so that was more important anyway. She is already planning her projects for next year .

    Kathy - She got a TON of Christmas cards completed. And I admitted I am behind on my Christmas cards. LOL

    Suzanne - hosted her very ATC swap. After she posted the swap, she yells out "What is an ATC?" and we all cracked up!!

    Cindy - brought every stamp she owns I think but I was glad as I stamped alot of cute images for cute cards later.

    Tracy (GSSoccermom) - She finished a HUGE disney scrapbook and it looked awesome!!

    Jennifer and Kimmy - went to bed last each night and woke up around noon each day.

    Traci - She was thrilled that swaps were being hand delivered to her while she was sitting there. She did have to leave on saturday to go to a wedding so we missed her while she was gone.

    Suzi - She loves heath bar dq blizzards.

    Cheryl (Shadoob) - She can give an awesome massage. Angie and Jan each had a headache and she helped them with her magic fingers.

    Becky - does not look like her avatar. LOL

    Kim - Kim was always laughing and she hiked in the woods with Chelsea each morning. The last morning they got "lost" but then they found the signs to the inn and came trucking back. Her and I are the same height! SHORT!

    Amy - Amy was able to join us on Saturday for the day. Not sure she got any ATC's done but she sure looked busy working away.

    That's my recap of the weekend. I was too busy chatting, doing my 9 ATC swaps, laughing and eating to take official notes so I wrote these notes down as I was driving the 10 1/2 hours back yesterday. LOL

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    Re: Some observations I made at Shackapaloosa

    Great recap .... you should not be writing and driving though!!!

    It was a GREAT weekend! I can't wait until the next one!!!
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    Re: Some observations I made at Shackapaloosa

    Thanks for the recap, Sherri. It's nice to get some detailed information; and I'm so glad everyone had a great time. I am going to do my best to get my behind at the gathering next year.

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    Re: Some observations I made at Shackapaloosa

    You took pictures driving here and notes driving home! I'm thinkin I know why your drive was so long! LOL

  5. Re: Some observations I made at Shackapaloosa

    Great notes, but you were writing and driving?! And here I was afraid to txt you because I didn't want you texting and driving. Bad girl. LOL

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    Re: Some observations I made at Shackapaloosa

    Very good observations! it was such a great time!

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    Re: Some observations I made at Shackapaloosa

    Awesome recap, Sherri! Glad you all had such a nice time.

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  8. Re: Some observations I made at Shackapaloosa

    Here are some of my memories....

    Robin (stinkycheese) worked on the cutest scrapbook....I don't know how she got anything done with her phone ringing so much...

    I thought Sherri was much taller as she looks taller in her pics here at the shack I got to sit next to her this weekend and boy did she crank out a lot of projects!! (she's only in a million swaps...lol)

    Robinkay has beautiful long hair....wish mine was that long....and her sweet sister came to take our group photo (thank you sweet sister

    Amy shared the funniest story about her husband's accident and you must tell it here as to why he hasn't been speaking to you...lol

    My friend Cheryl, Nancy, Cheryl(shadoob), Amy and I REALLY DID eat lunch at Red Robbin on Saturday after shopping......(someone at Palooza kept mixing up Ruby Tuesday and Red Robbin).....we all rode together (me driving) for our shopping trip on Saturday. I almost could not keep up with Chelsea as I was following her....and she has a lead foot...lol (just kidding) We saw the cow limo too and I could not get a picture because there were people behind me....I'm glad the other girls got a pic to share here...it was so funny!

    Cheryl(Shadoob) cured my sinus headache with an AMAZING MASSAGE -- thank you so much

    You could hear Cindy, Tracy and Suzanne laughing the whole time ... cracked us all up.

    Becky, Traci, Kathy, Jennifer and Kimmy sat across from me and Cheryl and couldn't believe how southern our accents are......my first words when we arrived were HEY Y'ALL....sounds pretty normal to me...lol

    Chris, Robinkay and Chelsea are AMAZING HOSTESSES!!!!!! You girls are DA-BOMB!! We had all kinds of snacks, drinks, and little surprises at our places at the tables....adorable!! We had placemats that said "Welcome to Palooza 09" and little plastic champagne glasses filled with M&M's with a little umbrella sticking out, a miniature cupcake with a welcome sign sticking up (not edible...lol), and most brought a handcrafted item to share with everyone there. I have the greatest bag of souvenirs -- plus all the shoebox projects I did -- so many wonderful ideas to share with my friends here at home.

    I'm sure I'll come up with more to share later....but one in particular....I DO NOT SNORE!! Cheryl said she never heard me, so my husband MUST be lying.......lol

  9. Re: Some observations I made at Shackapaloosa

    bumping up

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    Re: Some observations I made at Shackapaloosa

    This was great info...thank you for being so "observant"!

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