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Thread: SWAP rudeness at SCS

  1. SWAP rudeness at SCS

    "Please let me know if you are still participating. If I do not hear from you before Monday, June 1, I will report you to the moderators as a flaker. I prefer not to have to do this so please PM or email me asap. If you no longer wish to participate that is fine--I would like to know either way.

    Thank you,
    Ami "

    I joined a swap at SCS and this is the PM I got today. My swap is ready, but not in the mail yet, it isn't due until June 1 and as everyone here knows the post office is closed today and tomorrow. I thought of this as unnecessary rudeness. So my question to you all is: Should I join or drop it, I havenít flaked. I can tell her to drop me and I can host the Mexican swap here. What do you all think?
    This is what I was going to respond to her, but I donít know... what would you do?
    "As of this morning I had planned to participate, but your tone upsets me. So please remove me... I have participated in numerous swaps and have collected hundreds of recipes in this manner. I am not a flaker, but I don't like to be harassed or accused of things I have not done. The swap isn't due for another week and in case you didnít know, the post office is closed today and tomorrow, there is still plenty of time to send it, but with your tone I do not wish to participate in any swaps hosted by you. I too will contact the moderators if you choose to report me for something that is not true. You are very rude, you totally ruined my enthusiasm for this swap, you have no idea how much money and time I spent on it. I will keep it and use it at another place and time. Perhaps you should watch your tone and wording next time!!
    Thanks you,
    Mary Jayne
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    Re: SWAP rudeness at SCS

    Wow, MJ, her message does sound harsh, but email is so hard to tell. I usually try to give people the benefit of the doubt especially in email. If you really don't want to continue, that's up to you. Maybe you could just let her know that her tone offended you and see what she has to say. It sounds to me like there is something else going on that has nothing to do with you.

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    Re: SWAP rudeness at SCS

    What is SCS, not us and I dont even remember a swap like that. I think this is what happens when you mix groups, am I wrong. Besides there is still time for mail - Nancy

  4. Re: SWAP rudeness at SCS

    SCS is Splitcoast Stampers ...
    The Shackretary

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    Re: SWAP rudeness at SCS

    Her PM sounds like a threat. I'd drop the swap like a hot potato.........

    "If I don't hear from you by June 1 I'll REPORT YOU to the moderators..."

    That's not ambigous. That's a threat. June 1st is a week from tomorrow. Is this person that anal-retentive? Jeepers!

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    Re: SWAP rudeness at SCS

    You need to do whatever feels right to you. If you drop it now, then others will lose out too - not just her. If you stay in, you can decide if you want to share your views with her or not.
    EIther way, you'll need to feel that you did the right thing...You can always choose to never swap with her again.

  7. Re: SWAP rudeness at SCS

    I would just tell her how rude she was, but still take the high road and send in your stuff.....

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    Re: SWAP rudeness at SCS

    I'm inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt. She may not be an experienced hostess and/or not realize how threatening her e-mail sounds. My suggestion would be to send her an e-mail that says your swap is ready, you will send it as soon as the Post Office is open and that it should get there in time. You could also mention that you found her tone offensive and unnecessary -- but I wouldn't dwell on the negative. You can then decide whether or not to participate in her swaps again.

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    Re: SWAP rudeness at SCS

    I am not defending ANYONE in this discussion. I belong to both SCS and Stamp Shack. I know the problems going on over at SCS concerning swaps and it has not been "pretty."
    Might I ask you to consider these things?
    1. What day was the swap opened?
    2. What day did you join?
    3. Have you posted ANYTHING on that swap since you joined?

    Since June 1 is getting closer, perhaps the hostess is a little worried about your status in her swap, especially if you have not contacted her since you signed up.

    I agree that her tone was NOT going to make her any friends and I would not ever join any of her swaps in the future.

    However, I would mail in my swap contribution and (knowing me), I would send it the fastest way and send it so that SHE is required to SIGN for it. Obviously, when I get mad, I GET MAD! LOL!

    I wouldn't even say anything about her tone. I would PM her, say that it is on its way and let the aggravation begin for HER, when she has to trot down to the P.O. to get it ( if she is not at home when it is delivered).
    Susan Paulson

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    Re: SWAP rudeness at SCS

    Little do people realize that the rest of the people may not want to swap with her ever again. Oh well. Stick with your friends here - we dont treat each other that way. - Nancy>

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