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Thread: Color Challenge 13!

  1. Color Challenge 13!

    Hi all! Hope you've had a fabulous Friday! The challenges are all ready and are being uploaded as we speak...

    This weeks color challenge will use a photo from HGTV.
    Coordinating Copics include: R59 Cardinal, G40 Dim Green, E40 Brick White and Black.

    I've also included a sample here.
    Please upload your card using the code CC13.

    Next Friday, I will draw a random winner from all participants in this week's challenges. The more you participate, the better chance you have of winning. PS...It's a secret prize and I'll reveal it FRIDAY!

    Thank you!
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  2. Re: CC11 Begins this Friday!

    Sorry what is CC11?

  3. Re: CC11 Begins this Friday!

    Quote Originally Posted by paperprintss View Post
    Sorry what is CC11?
    It means a color challenge for next week.

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  4. Re: CC11 Begins this Friday!

    Hey Kerry not sure how you plan on labeling the challenges but do know CC11 and CC12 were hosted last year and results are in the gallery. We used the labeling system so one could easily identify them to ensure all were included in the awards selection. It also provides for ease in searching for them in the gallery and related info on the MB.

  5. Re: CC11 Begins this Friday!

    I *love* color challenges! Can't wait to see what you're planning Kerry!
    Smiles, Pam

    My blog: Stamping with {Serendipity!}

    "Stamping makes an ordinary day more colorful!"

  6. Re: CC13 Begins this Friday!

    OK guys...To make the numbers consistent from this point on, I'm using the #13 as the challenge number for every challenge. Then each week, the number will increase by one.


  7. Re: CC13 Begins this Friday!

    Cannot wait for this re start I miss the challenges...Thankyou Kerry xx

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    Re: CC13 Begins this Friday!

    My DD loves color challenges, I usually do sketch challenges, but I am trying to broaden my horizons, so I might give this a try.

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    Re: CC13 Begins this Friday!

    I love color challenges as well!

    Artyfarty...love your signature about MJ

  10. Re: Color Challenge 13!

    The challenge is ON!


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