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Thread: Color Challenge 14 Monochromatic 08-14-09

  1. Color Challenge 14 Monochromatic 08-14-09

    I'm very happy to be able to participate in the Stamp Shack's weekly creative challenges. This week's challenge is another color challenge but with a twist. You will be creating a monochromatic card. That is, your card will be made entirely of one color. You may use varying shades of the color you choose, but your designer paper, colors, embellishments must all be of your chosen color.

    For my sample card of a monochromatic card I chose the color gray. You can see my sample card in the gallery HERE

    Now be assured you do NOT have to make a gray card. You may choose any color you'd like for your challenge card. The only rule is it must be all that color. I chose gray as a mini challenge to myself to see if I could create a non-drab gray card.

    AND, I have a prize to be randomly chosen next week. Many shackies have expressed interest in the Heather's Stamping Haven stamp that you'll see a photo of below. So if you'd like to have that friends stamp of the two little girls now is your chance.

    I'm looking forward to seeing a rainbow of monochromatic cards in the gallery this week.


    I thought I'd keep a running list of participants in this week's challenge in the order your card is posted. This number will be your assigned number and used in the random number generator for the two girl friends stamp prize.

    1.) Frankiesue
    2.) Kerry
    3.) Lakeslady
    4.) Smileycollector
    5.) Heather J.
    6.) Tojoco
    7.) Artyfarty
    8.) Grammastamper
    9.) Dancing Queen
    10.) Loobylou
    11.) MidwestStamper
    12.) MidniteCreations
    13.) Seaside Rose

    I'll continue to add to the list as you post. Three more days to create your card for the challenge.
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  2. Re: Color Challenge 14 Monochromatic 08-14-09

    Jennifer...this is a great color challenge for us to try. Your sample card is stunning!

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    Gee Nancy needs to post the birthday card I sent her. I didn't intend for it to be monochromatic, but it sure came out that way! Just kidding!


  4. Re: Color Challenge 14 Monochromatic 08-14-09

    Great challenge Jennifer! Love you your challenge card! The pearls as eyes are fabulous--what a creative idea! You did it this elephant is not drab!

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    Re: Color Challenge 14 Monochromatic 08-14-09

    What a cute card. I love the elephant! Who makes that stamp?

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    Re: Color Challenge 14 Monochromatic 08-14-09

    Great challenge! I will sift through my stash of supplies later this weekend and get to work. Unknowingly, I just did a "brown" monochromatic this week with my Gecko card so will go for a brighter one this time.

    October 2009 Bingo numbers are 6, 12, 18, 24, 31, 39, 54, 70, 82, 97

    My winning Bingo numbers 3 6 12 30 50 61 65 80 93 98 - I want to keep them in the hall of fame!!

  7. Re: Color Challenge 14 Monochromatic 08-14-09

    Love your card

  8. Re: Color Challenge 14 Monochromatic 08-14-09

    Great challenge and that elephant is so cute! I've got my thinking cap on.

  9. Re: Color Challenge 14 Monochromatic 08-14-09

    Hmmmm....Which color should I use.

    I'm going to stretch myself...NO PINK OR BLUE....

    Maybe green???

    This is going to be hard for me. I always pick Pink or Blue...


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    Re: Color Challenge 14 Monochromatic 08-14-09

    Well I found some spare time this afternoon and managed to come up with this for the challange
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