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Thread: Power Up class

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    Power Up class

    Oh mommy. That girl spanked me all up one side of the gym and down the other.

    So I decided I would try this "power up" class at the gym. Combines weights, cardio, and core work. Sounds like a pretty good idea, huh? Yeah stay tuned.

    Well, in this class you grab your arm weights and do the cardio at the same time. To dance mix music. LOADS of lunges and squats with arm curls, arm raises, etc. Or squat then raise on tiptoes. With weights. Or lunge, then kick out alternating legs with arm curls. With weights. LOADS of arm workouts like punches to the sides then up.....with weights..... Shuffle back and forth really fast with a crossover lunge and holding out the weight before shuffle to the otherside, swap weight to the other hand and do the crossover lunge. Don't understand my descriptions? Yeah, imagine me trying to perform all that. Remember all of this is to dance music.

    Then she thought it might be fun to go out of the room so we could have lots of space to do our "travelling lunges" with weights! Ohhhhh man.

    That was the first 40 min of class. I was relieved when it was time to break out the mats. oh except we did the core work with weights too. I about clunked myself in the head trying to squeeze the weight in between my knees while doing the double-crunches. Yikes!

    My thighs have reached total muscle failure. If there were a chocolate covered oreo on the ground right now I don't think I'd be able to go down after it!

    You know how bodybuilders will quick do some pushups to make their muscles stick out? Well that is the truth cause I freaked myself out in the shower looking down at the push-up muscles in my arms (oh yeah, we did pushups after all the 40 min of arm weights). They were freaky sticking out! And my calves had a little muscle ridge in them. Boy that'll hurt tomorrow. But I am certain in my case it isn't a "ripped muscle" it is simply some swelling that the ER doctors will be able to reduce in no time.

    Yeah that girl totally kicked my butt. And I'm pretty sure she took my name too.

    In case you're worried about me, I plan to take a spatula to bed with me since by tomorrow morning my body will have successfully reached a batter-like consistency.

    Now, will anyone out there be so kind as to help me get into the fetal position????
    Tricia =^..^=

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    Re: Power Up class

    Sounds to me like you might need the spatula to get yourself out of bed... But I congratulate you for making it through. Hang in there 'cause it does get easier!
    betty dallas
    {color outside the lines}

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    Re: Power Up class

    Good for you Tricia...forgive me for laughing at some of ways you said things...I got the visual...good for you on keeping up...Hint: This is exactly why I work out at HOME...where NO ONE can see me Screw up lol..

    I worked out with the personal trainer at the local gym a yr ago and she worked me hard the first day...well all the days, but she said the first day I would have A LOT of pain and that it was just normal and that that would be the first/only time I would feel that much pain..and that it does get better/ easier with time.

    Again...Good for you! I hope you can stick with it...if you enjoy it

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