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Thread: Bailey....

  1. Bailey....

    My Bailey got out, awhile back, and did come home pregnant. She is a Siamese/Maine Coon combo. Her "siamese" due date is the 16th of this month. But I don't think she's going to last that long. She is restless, and easily annoyed by our other cat. She has been laying in the basket I fixed for her. But she is always in a basket or box, so it might not be nesting behavior.

    I just want to get this over with so I can get her spayed!

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    Re: Bailey....

    I hope bailey has an easy delivery when it's time..I'll bet she will have adorable kittens..will keep one?

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    Re: Bailey....

    I bet they will be so cute!
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    Re: Bailey....

    Good luck to the new mama!!!
    Those kittens will be adorable!

  5. Re: Bailey....

    Oh no!!!! We are not keeping any! Two cats is more then we really need!

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    Re: Bailey....

    Awww good luck to her! Take pics for us!
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    Re: Bailey....

    Oh yes, I would love to see pictures. Hope she makes out okay and you find a home for the kittens easily.

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    Re: Bailey....

    Good luck Lori--hope all goes well for her.

  9. Re: Bailey....

    Still no kittens...

    Recounted, and she can go at any time I guess.

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    Re: Bailey....

    Good luck to her! Please post some pics. Baby kittens are just the cutest!!!

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