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Thread: Fighting Cats

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  1. Fighting Cats

    I've had the same cats for years but suddenly one of them is getting chewed up and I have no idea who the culprit is... she has one cut on her head and several under her chin which she keeps licking... I've heard that I should put superglue on them to seal them... anyone know if this is the correct thing to do? She's usually the aggressor with one of the other cats but this is the first time there's been any evidence of "hurt"...

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    Not sure if the super glue thing is right. Cats tend to form abcesses. Not sure why the kitties are hurting each other now. Sometimes mine play really rough but no deep wounds from it. Hope they all start getting along again, and the other kitty heals.

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    Re: Fighting Cats

    aww, that's sad. not sure about the super glue either,,maybe you can google it or call your vet? I hope all is ok, now you will have to keep us posted as I'm a huge animal lover and will worry. sorry

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    Re: Fighting Cats

    o how sad! i know sometimes if something stresses my cats out they will lash out at eachother... not sure about the super glue thing though... hope all gets better..
    Jennifer Middleton

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    Re: Fighting Cats

    I'd advise a nice trip to the vet....first to treat the injured kitty.
    The other cat may need a physical to be sure something isn't wrong and causing aggression.
    I'd pass on the super glue for sure!
    Definitely need that vet right about now!

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