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Thread: Sketch Challenge begins 1-26-11

  1. Re: Sketch Challenge begins 1-26-11

    OK Lisa, I trust you and entered you in the prize drawing. Each participant was listed in the order they posted their cards:

    1. tojoco
    2. rubberlady603
    3. loopylou
    4. lisa

    I used randomnumber generator to pick the winner...and it is:

    Darn it... I tried to post the snagged widget but it wont post!

    You'll receive your choice of the following:

    New WoodwareUSA stamp set called Parcel Train OR Pretty Labels
    New/Uncut/Retired Valentine set from TAC (sorry, can't post picture)
    New Heartfelt Creations set called Uplifting Scriptures

    Thanks everyone for playing in my challenge....More to come!

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    Re: Sketch Challenge begins 1-26-11

    Congratulations Dee. Choose wisely. lol Your entry card is totally awesome.

    There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.~ Pablo Picasso

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    Re: Sketch Challenge begins 1-26-11

    OMG! I am usually not so lucky! Thanks so, so much! And I choose Parcel Train. That will be awsome!

  4. Re: Sketch Challenge begins 1-26-11

    Congrats Dee! Kerry are you going to post another challenge?

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    Re: Sketch Challenge begins 1-26-11

    Congrats Dee
    Hey Kerry- I'm LOOBY, not LOOPY (tho' some of my friends would disagree!). My daddy called me loobylou, after the Character on the kids TV show back when I was little. You made me laugh anyway!

  6. Re: Sketch Challenge begins 1-26-11

    And I think I'm not Lisa. Maybe Kerry is having a bad Monday.

  7. Re: Sketch Challenge begins 1-26-11

    Blast I was too late to play.................maybe next time.

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    Re: Sketch Challenge begins 1-26-11

    JP, we'll have to give you a shout if we don't see you joining in next time! The more the merrier!

  9. Re: Sketch Challenge begins 1-26-11

    Yes...I'm not a morning person, especially when I've been out of school (snow days and weekend) for FIVE Days...

    I was in a rush this am to post this so I could get to school on time and didn't even review what I had written, just got frustrated that the number generator I snagged and dumped on my desktop didn't load to this page...


    Yes, I know you're LOOBYLOU not LOOPY but you can say I was a bit LOOPY and Lisa, I guess it just sounded good LOL...

    Thanks all for playing. The remaining prizes will be up for winnings in my next challenge I'll post whenever you would like a new weekly challenge...Sketch (I've got more), project, theme, Tag, Recipe, Color...You name it!

    JOAN...Make sure to play...I give GOOD prizes (lol)...

    RubberLady603 Dee...Great choice! I love that set! You can fill that train with almost anything! It's in the mail tomorrow morning! Watch your mailbox!


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    Re: Sketch Challenge begins 1-26-11

    Thanks Kerry! Can't wait for the next one and when word gets around about your fabby prizes............

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