I have 3 dogs and 4 cats... All of them have been saved from one terrible fate or another. I just have too big of a soft heart for animals. It drives my husband crazy, but like told him the kids and I do all the care for them so what's he have to worry about. I keep the healthy so I have been lucky not to have to many vet trips other then for the needed shots and so on.

Mandy my black lab mix was dumped off at a trash site. Starving and so sweet.

Jack my beagle was in a shelter because his old owner had beaten him almost to death... it took me over a year to have him learn he was safe and loved.

Hachi was saved from a japanese puppy mill while we lived in Okinawa.

My kitties.... Idget was saved from drowing in the ocean in Japan, Angel was dumped off at my moms, Oscer was almost killed in someones car engine and Cooper was dumped on a back road at 4 weeks old.

I can't seem to help myself. But I love them all and they keep me company when I am alone.

So thats my story of all my fur Babies.