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Thread: Flakers

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    Hi Everyone,

    It has come to my attention that our moderators have had to deal with some flakers lately. I want to remind everyone flakers will not be allowed to participate in swaps on this site! Stamp-Shack is to be a flaker free zone!

    If you get two strikes your membership will be downgraded from plus to regular without refund. You will no longer be able to participate in swaps here. This is the only way to protect the integrity of the community and not just have it be like any old site where people sign up for swaps and don't follow through.

    If you have been exposed to a flaker and need to report them please simply contact a moderator or use the support button and put a ticket in for anonymity. All reports will be kept 100% confidential. We will issue warnings on the first and second offense but then the flaker is downgraded from plus.

    Let's have a great year and remember, don't be a flaker!

    Thanks to all of you who make this site great.

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    Re: Flakers

    Thanks Mike, it is very important to have flaker free swaps. I appreciate your support of this.

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    Re: Flakers

    Thanks, Mike! This is a great reminder for everyone! Remember the moderators are Sarah/Loobylou, Lidia/Midweststamper and myself/Christie. I look forward to everyone having great swap experiences without any flakers!!!

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    Re: Flakers

    Thank you Mike. I'm not someone who hosts swaps, but I love to join. I know how much time and effort we all put into our work. If just one person flakes, it takes the joy out of the process. I appreciate your support.

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    Re: Flakers

    Thank you again Mike for helping keep our site awesome!


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    Re: Flakers

    Thank you! I'm glad that it is taken seriously!

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    Re: Flakers

    I too appreciate this being issue being seriously taken. It's one of the reasons that I love this site.
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    Thank you so much for doing this for us Mike. It is one of the reasons why we love this place we call home....flackers are just not tollerated.

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    Re: Flakers

    I also appreciate this reminder. Flakers really make my crazy, but I also think we sometimes become lazy or lax about our swap commitments. Late swaps are also annoying to all!

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    Re: Flakers

    As a member of this community from almost the beginning I have to say that we haven't had too many problems with this until this past year. It was becomming almost a regular thing. I know that many times something happens in our personal lives and we're thrown a curve ball. But there are many Shackies that are willing to be "angels" for you and take your place.

    I appreciate the fact that our Shack Administrators and Moderators are taking this seriously. I hope this doesn't make anyone shy away from participating in swaps. Remember there are always other alternatives available instead of just not following through on one's commitment to the swap. Heck! I've even had nightmares about forgetting a swap myself! That's why I always print them out and arrange them by due date. I have them paper clipped and hanging in front of me at my work table as a reminder!

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