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Thread: Question about markers

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    Question about markers

    I recently bought the complete set of SU markers but I notice lots of shackies use copics. What is the difference? Will I be unhappy with my choice? I bought the SU set mostly because I know they'll match the paper I have and because I would go to the store and get so confused by all the different brands and types of markers. What's your favorite kind of marker and why?

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    Re: Question about markers

    I have all of the SU markers, even the retired and In-Colors. Mine was a choice of economics mostly. I had them since I started stamping. I just can't afford to start with Copics because I'm one of those people that would have to have every single one. I do however wish they were more affordable because I would love to try them.

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    Su markers are dye based and Copics are alcohol based. I think the Copics are easier to blend then the dye based markers. I use Prisma Markers, Bics and Copics. They all play well together!

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    I guess I should say the alcohol markers seem to blend together better the the dye based ones.,

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    I use my SU 'cause I don't want to invest in Copics. I watercolor with them as I don't like the look of a "straight" marker. (Makes me wonder if Id even LIKE Copics???) I love them & could not live w/o them!!

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    Re: Question about markers

    I was a faithful Prisma user until the Copic Craze came. Then I switched. I'm not convinced that one is any better...I like the idea of the ability to refill the Copics, --with Prisma you toss it when it's dry and buy another.

    PS...this is how I came to be the proud owner of about a million types of adhesive...I guess you could say I'm a craft craze follower!!!

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    Re: Question about markers

    I have a few copics - flesh tones ones. But because they are so expensive, I didn't buy any more. I have tombow markers, that I love. I also have Su markers and bic markers that I use also.

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    I bought the Ciao Copic Markers as they're cheaper... I only bought about 15... my favorite 50s pastel colors and some standards like red, black, etc. The one they call "flesh" is too orange but I'm ordering some others that supposedly will be better.

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    I don't discriminate when it comes to markers. All are welcome to the party since they do different "party tricks." Copics are great for coloring and likewise for SU. I prefer copics for coloring, but SU come in handy when you want to, say, use them directly on the stamp. For example. That halloween stamp with the witch legs with striped stockings? Of course the boots should be black and the stripes should be red, purple or whatever. I take my handy SU markers and color in the rubber when it comes to stamping multi colors with one stamp. You can't do that with copics. They dry too fast and the alcohol isn't good for the rubber.

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    Re: Question about markers

    i think su are good for colouring onto rubber for stamping but other than that, i'm not really a fan...i LOVE my copics...

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