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Thread: Update on Lucky

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    Red face Update on Lucky

    Thank you all so much for ur kind words and prayers. He does have FIP, BUT she said shes not pulling the plug on him. unless hes acting like hes in pain, shes not going to. and hes not. he does also have a severe UTI. she gave me meds for that and steroids for the FIP. although there is no cure for it she says wat makes an animal sick isn't the disease itself, but how the body reacts to it. because he is a weaker cat, it could be bad for him. she gave him the steroids to help his body b strong against it. his tests also came back that he is incredibly anemic, as in, if it were any other cat, theyd need a blood transfusion NOW. but hes fine, he runs and plays and eats like crazy and drinks. he acts perfectly normal. she assumes his body is just used to it, so theirs never been any reason to test for it... hes completely normal. she said Lucky completely baffles her, she said his name is def perfect for him. so hes not perfectly fine, but im not gna lose him anytime soon im so beyond happy i cant even describe it! and wat he has isn't contagious so he doesn't need to b locked away or anything, he can go on living a normal life. he just has to take a steroid pill everyday
    Jennifer Middleton

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    Re: Update on Lucky

    great news!! My kitty Zack (dearly departed & greatly missed) had UTI problems and I started feeding him special food from the vets adn he never had another UTI after that. so maybe that is something you can ask about.
    Ziggy & Zoid are sending Lucky their best

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    Re: Update on Lucky

    It sometimes the ashe content in cat food that makes them have urinary problems so the food from the vet is better for some. The vet probably has vitamins that you can give him that you squeeze out and put on his fur and he will lick it up. We have done many of those things for the cats we have and have had. I loved each and all miss them too. Hopefully your little Lucky will be ok.

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    Re: Update on Lucky

    I'm so happy you got good news about Lucky!
    HUGS to you both!

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    Re: Update on Lucky

    Great news! What a relief!

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    Jen, I guess i missed the post about Lucky. He is a sweetie (like you). I miss you and soon we will catch up, things are just hectic right now.

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    So glad he's going to be ok. Jack had urinary track issues too. We put him on the Vet food. It's sooooo expensive BUT, he eats SO MUCH LESS. We were going thru a supermarket bag every 10 days or so; the vet stuff last 4 mos!!! We figured it's actually SAVING us money (plus no more $700 vet bills!!!)

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