Hi Shackies,

We have been getting help requests in the forum and help requests sent to the admin account and my personal mail accounts. These areas are not checked for support issues daily. If you use either of these methods to try and get help it could be days before your message or post is seen.

We do monitor the Support ticket system regularly each day. Anytime a ticket is generated your support team gets an e-mail telling us.

Please use the Support Button at the top of the site and make a ticket for any technical support issues you need help with. Give us a full business day to reply.

If you cannot access Stamp Shack for some reason you can go directly to the support site at:

Please copy and save or print that help address somewhere just in case.

Thanks for your understanding. I just do not want anyone who needs help to feel ignored when we are not seeing their requests because it is not where we frequently look.

Stamp Shack Mike