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Thread: Does anyone have an extra WW thingie?

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    Does anyone have an extra WW thingie?

    You know those sliding thingies they use in Weight Watchers that tell you how many points something is? Does anyone have an extra one? I used to have bunches but I've been pregnant since 2004 and seem to have lost them. I also need to know how many points I'm supposed to eat. I'm just too cheap and busy to actually go to a WW meeting. I'm gonna try to do it on my own.

    I know they do something different with points now, I want the old fashioned system. If anyone wants to tell me how many points I'm supposed to eat email me, I'm not putting my weight and all right here on the board. I mean I'll post pics of my kids and my home address, but my weight? that's personal! hehe

    Thanks so much.


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    I don't have a WW thing, but...

    I do have a really nifty pocket sized book that lists TONS of food (inc. resturants) calories, fat, and carbs. It also has lots of weight loss pointers in it...you're supossed to used it with a food diary. The idea is that if you write down everything you eat then you'll be less likely to overeat. It really does help! I bought the book and diary for $8.00 from the Dr. Office...I can pick one up for you if you'd like!

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    You were right! I'm a "Diva" now!

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