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Thread: mass heirloom stamp show 2011

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    Re: mass heirloom stamp show 2011

    Oh Patty, having just gone through the same thing, I know how you feel. Thing is, my biopsy showed just calcifications and nothing to worry about. I am crying for you, thinking of you and hoping that they caught it soon enough that all will be well. My heart is with you. Hoping that you are able to go to the stamp convention and think of happier things. xoxo

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    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Patti.

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    Thinking of you Patty. Hugs too!

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    Re: mass heirloom stamp show 2011

    OH Gosh I am sending good vibes to you. I had radiation with mine for 6 weeks and they told me that was all clear. Whatever they say go for it. You have all my good thoughts. The gals on here really help to keep you going. Send me a private note if you want, but talk and put your details on here. We can all give some advice--Take what you feel comfortable with. Don't put it off. - Nancy

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