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Thread: Who's overpacking for 'Palooza??

  1. Who's overpacking for 'Palooza??

    I'm preplanning what I'm going to work on but my "Just In Case" pile is going to take up EVER so much room!!! I don't think I can make myself go w/o any of it!!! Maybe packing stuff when you're feeling like crap is not a good idea? What if I get there & HATE the DSP I picked for my ATCs? What if the stamp doesn't go as well as I think it will w/the paper? What if I decide that, even tho I haven't used them since I hosted an eyelet swap, I decide that what this ATC needs is eyelets and I didn't bring any?? What if I have the PERFECT stamp for a swap Chris is working on & left it at home??? What ifs take up ALOT of room!!!

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    Re: Who's overpacking for 'Palooza??

    Suzi, then we'll just have to go shopping!!!

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    Re: Who's overpacking for 'Palooza??

    Quote Originally Posted by tojoco View Post
    Suzi, then we'll just have to go shopping!!!
    ahhh...my kind of solution!

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    Quote Originally Posted by suzi_f View Post
    What ifs take up ALOT of room!!!
    Truer words were never spoken! I have that same problem. I always take too much, then wish I had other stuff and then there are always the long stretches of time where I either just sit and chat or stare aimlessly into space wishing I had brought...


  5. Re: Who's overpacking for 'Palooza??

    I always over pack as well, and I ask myself the same type of "what if's" as I pack. I bring a duffle bag for my clothes and a large suitcase and a rolling tote for my supplies. So what!?!? Bring it all! Don't forget you can always "shop" at the workspace of other Shackies...I think we've all done it!
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    Re: Who's overpacking for 'Palooza??

    Everyone who has been there the last two times knows that I overpack! I have not decided for sure what all I am working on either, so it will more than likely happen again!!!

    So, I dont think you have to worry about not having something, because like Jennifer said, you can always shop other shackies stuff!!!

    Not many days now!!! I can hardly wait!

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    Re: Who's overpacking for 'Palooza??

    ugh. trying to figure out what to bring tonight...I just kept finding stamps I had to pack! I know ill use a quarter of them!

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