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Thread: Palooza Updates

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    Re: Palooza Updates

    It was really one of the best ones yet. We missed Joanne alot. She sent a box to Suzie's house that Suzie brought and it had all kinds of goodies for the shower. Thank you, Joanne. Your gifts were really cute.

    I have to tell you all what a great husband I have--I got home and there were red roses and white spider mums everywhere in my house (our Anniversary was Friday). On the cupboard in the kitchen, by my side of the bed, on the vanity in the bathroom. He picked them up, and arranged them in three different vases. What a sweetie. He kinda missed me I guess. But it was worth it. We may be a bunch of crazy ladies, but it is soo much fun being together. Thanks for the good times!

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    That is so sweet Mary!!! What a great guy!!!

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    Re: Palooza Updates

    Quote Originally Posted by kimmyqtgirl View Post
    Note to self for next year - don't pack any stamping stuff since I won't use 90% of it anyways and sit next to Chelsea next year or at least ask her to show me whats in ALL of her suitcases! ha ha ha...

    I already can't wait for 2012!
    I second that! I do need to remember a black marker since I kept asking Kimmy & Jennifer for theirs.


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    Re: Palooza Updates

    Honey Pop was awesome and Kimmy was besides herself! I took the candy out of my baggage too, and hubby said, "let's have a the chocolate bar"....ahhh.

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    Re: Palooza Updates

    It was such an awesome weekend!

    Way to go, cute dad!!

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    I wish I could have been there Hopefully in the future. Is there a fall palooza?

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    Yes Jan, in Utah this time.
    The Shackretary

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